Director of Operations, Ashoka Changemakers

NOTE: Ashoka Changemakers is a client of mine. The organization is seeking a new Director of Operations. Please direct any questions to

OPPORTUNITY: Director of Operations and Culture

Do you have a track record of implementing innovative solutions?
Do you identify as an entrepreneur?
Are you looking for an opportunity to catalyze big change in the world?
Would you like to imagine and realize the full potential of a successful social initiative?

Reporting to the Managing Partner and serving as a member of the Changemakers Leadership Team, this position’s primary responsibility is to ensure organizational effectiveness in the areas of finance, legal, logistics/operations, and recruitment.  The Director of Operations and Culture for Changemakers will have the following responsibilities:

  • Evolve and maintain the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organization’s mission –specifically, support financial management reporting, information flow and management, the overall strategic business process and organizational planning.
  • Manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services (HR, IT and Finance), through coordination and communication between support and business functions.
  • Play a significant role in long-term planning and organizational sustainability, including initiatives geared toward operational excellence.
  • Supervise, support and coach the Operations team on a weekly basis.

Financial Management

  • Direct annual budgeting and planning process for the organization’s annual budget with Managing Partner
  • Oversee monthly and quarterly assessments and forecasts of organization’s financial performance against budget, financial and operational goals. Oversee short and long-term financial and managerial reporting.
  • Oversee the approval process for day to day processing of accounts receivable
  • Managing grantor contracts and reimbursement requests.
  • Ensure that accounting department requests are resolved and communicated in a timely manner to internal and external parties.
  • Develop long-range forecasts and maintain long-range financial plans.
  • Develop, maintain and monitor all fundraising and accounting systems and procedures capturing all pledges, billings and receipts and for the recording of all revenue transactions, recommend and implement improvements to systems.

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services through improvements to each function (HR, IT, Finance) as well as coordination and communication between functions.
  • Drive initiatives in the management team and organizationally that contribute to long-term operational excellence.

Organizational Leadership

  • Contribute to short and long-term organizational planning and strategy as a member of the management team.
  • Communicate and represent the Changemakers culture and values, working to build and institute consistent opportunities and vehicles for the entire team to embody and experience our culture though events, team-building, retreats, etc.

Risk Management

  • Serve as primary liaison to legal counsel in addressing legal issues e.g. copyright, antitrust, governing instruments, partnerships, licensing etc.
  • Oversee organizational insurance, trademark and IP policies.


Ashoka has a rigorous screening process for hiring new staff. In addition to qualifications for the role outlined, Ashoka also seeks people who reflect our culture and values. As such, we seek candidates who are entrepreneurial, collegial, have a proven commitment to innovation and possess the strongest ethical fiber. For a full description of Ashoka’s criteria in evaluating staff, please visit our website.

In addition to these general criteria, the ideal candidate will:

  • Commitment and passion to the social sector and Ashoka’s mission.
  • At least 5 years of experience in organizational leadership.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing staff groups and major projects or initiatives.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style.
  • Budget development and oversight experience.
  • A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace.
  • Excels at operating in a fast paced, community environment.
  • Excellent people manager, open to direction and collaborative work style and commitment to get the job done.
  • Ability to challenge and debate issues of importance with the organization.
  • Ability to look at situations from several points of view.
  • Persuasive with details and facts.
  • Able to delegate responsibilities effectively.
  • High comfort level working in a diverse environment.
  • Enjoys harvesting a healthy, happy workplace with a real emphasis on a strong organizational culture.


If this sounds like you, apply at  and list ‘Changemakers Operations Director’ in the ‘Openings of Interest’ section of the online application. This position is based in Arlington, VA — just outside Washington DC. Only those offered an interview will be contacted.


Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs–men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Over a 30 year span, we have elected and funded over 2,800 leading social entrepreneurs in more than 70 countries. Rather than building one school or clinic in one community, Ashoka Fellows work at the systemic level, transforming the way children learn or creating new healthcare delivery systems. Ashoka then distills action-principles that cut across the work of these social entrepreneurs and creates frameworks for collaborative entrepreneurship to author global change. These sector-tipping principles gained through our innovative collaborative architecture, along with the role modeling and recruitment of other innovators by Ashoka Fellows, represent Ashoka’s core strategy for realizing its vision of Everyone a Changemakerâ„¢.

Ashoka Changemakers is an online platform that assembles the entire ecosystem of change — (innovators, investors, enthusiasts and end-users) to find solutions to specific problems framed by investors looking to open source a problem to a community that is likely to have the answers. By leveraging the knowledge in Ashoka’s network of innovators, Changemakers helps its clients identify and frame the right questions to solve any social challenge, and invites innovators to respond to the challenge through open, friendly “collaborative competitions”. In doing so, it forms surprising connections and unexpected partnerships across the globe that turn the old “top down” ways of problem-solving upside down. Anyone with an idea can get it refined and spread through Changemakers. To learn more about our impact, please visit our website.

Ashoka is an equal opportunity employer and invites applications from candidates regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion.