Handshaking Over Organic Wine

I’m always looking to connect with like-minded socially conscious people, and while blogs and forums are great for this, sometimes you just can’t beat old-fashioned handshaking. I had a great opportunity to engage in-person the other night at an event for professionals with social and environmental business practices put on by Green Business Networking.

Here’s one organic connection that was born of the night:

I met a fellow named Aaron who is building his first green live-work complex. He came to the event to connect with people who can guide him in this process. Later, I ran into a green living coach, pseudonym-ed Johnny Appleseed, who works with his clients to green their homes and lives. I suggested that ‘Johnny’ meet Aaron. He did, and is now advising Aaron on environmental building components and materials from flash water heaters to bamboo flooring.

Green Business Networking hosts this monthly event at the eco-friendly, sustainable Ambrose Hotel, giving decision-makers and business owners the opportunity to connect and deal-make over organic wine.

Green Business Networking, which has been around for two years, and has grown to 1,000+ members, is focused on the local community, and particularly business owners and policy makers within it. The group has visions to create alliances with similar groups including the Sustainable Business Council, UCLA and USC, and bring in local businesses as supporting sponsors. Contact Jeff Hayes if you’d like to become involved (jeff at the-vector-group.com).

I asked Jeff if he knows of any uniquely socially-conscious business networking groups around Los Angeles. He does not, so until this interest group is large enough to stand on it’s own, I hope to see you at the next Green Business Networking. If I’m unaware of an existig group, please share it.

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