What Stage of the Game are You?

I partnered with Intent.com to bring together a small group of entrepreneurs involved in the next generation of social consciousness and wellness.

Guests ranged from veterans of the cause capitalism movement like TOMS Shoes, to sole proprietors exploring ways to integrate cause with their product.

I’m continually looking for individuals, companies and groups that practice, discuss (or argue against) socially responsible business. Know of any? Are you one? Want to be one? I’d love to hear about it.

Here are some of the amazing people whom I met at lunch:

  • Liba Rubenstein–she was instrumental in building MySpace’s IMPACT. She now runs it.
  • Michael Hammer–he heads TOMS Shoes‘ campus programs across the country.
  • Brian Sirgutz and Sloane Berrent of Causecast–a web site that let’s you connect and participate in causes, organizations and social activities.
  • Neelu Jain–co-founder of Soulstice Design Group, which uses capitalism to raise the vibrations of business.
  • Robert Richman–co-founder of The NOW Project.
  • Lee Fox–she’s launching KooDooZ, which rewards a user’s investment in a virtuous world vs. a virtual one.
  • Gordon Gould–founder of ThisNext, the hot shopcasting site with a new eco channel.
  • Mary Blackmon–started Spa-Addicts and has donated services to women’s shelters. She’s working to increase her philanthropic reach.
  • Max Simon–founded Get Self-Centered, which brings a fresh spin to meditation.
  • Devlyn Steele–he started Tools To Life, a life coaching site that offers free programs and community.
  • Intent’s Team–Mallika Chopra, Sal Taylor-Kydd, Sarah Ross and Romi Lassally.

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