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Pamela Hawley On Founding UniversalGiving and Why She Helps Companies Have a Cause–video

In this video, shot by Lee Fox at the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit, Pamela Hawley, founder and CEO of UniversalGiving, talks about the experience that set her on her path at age twelve and how social responsibility can specifically benefit a company. Pamela Hawley founded UniversalGiving as a nonprofit social enterprise to match donors and volunteers with […]

The Bright Spots–From the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit

By Lee Fox for Cause Capitalism. I sit in a room filled with a SEA of bright minds, who just like me, aspire to change the world for the better one way or another.  Over 700 of us are gathered at the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit & World Forum to hear Chip Heath, author and professor at Stanford Graduate School of […]

Catalyzing the Field of the Social Enterprise: From the Social Enterprise Summit

I asked Lee Fox to share ideas and conversations from this week’s Social Enterprise Summit.  We’ll post additional blogs video interviews next week with social entrepreneurs from Chemists Without Borders, Universal Giving and Donors Choose.  If you’re at the conference say, ‘hi’ to Lee and ask her about her social venture, KooDooZ. The Social Enterprise […]

Use Community to Build Your Social Enterprise (Why Stealth Mode is For Suckers)

Arm yourself.  Surrounding yourself with other social entrepreneurs is the next best thing to learning-from-doing.  A community of people with similar goals adds to your knowledge bank, provides feedback, offers shortcuts, referrals and product discounts, and pushes you forward. When Jill wanted to implement an IRA program for the employees who ran her coffee shop, […]