3 Lessons For Your Cause Campaign From a Man Who’s Raised $25M For Charity–With Chris Noble

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Cause marketing is the only marketing segment that grew last year, which is good news for Chris Noble, who runs Causemedia Group.  It means that when he has an idea for a social media fundraising campaign, he can find a sponsor who’s dying to be a part of it.  And when he’s asked to run a generic media campaign for a brand, he can nudge them toward a cause component that they fall in love with.

So what makes his fundraising campaigns so successful?  I invited Chris to Cause Capitalism to talk about the core elements of a successful social media cause campaign and how smaller companies can create their own online campaigns for social good.

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Lesson 1: Go deep inside the organization to identify a cause that you care about

If you reach beyond the obvious cause to something you really care about, you’ll come up with better ideas and your campaign will be more sincere.  PositScience makes brain training software.  An obvious charity partner for them would be a nonprofit involved in brain disorder or brain damage. But when PositScience employees really thought about what cause mattered to them (and not just what tied into their brand), they went with an organization that works with disabled veterans (some of whom do have brain damage, so there is still a link, just not the low-hanging fruit).

Lesson 2: Don’t treat the tools like they’re something different

Treat your social media tools like they’re an extension of your existing program.  They are just vehicles to present the campaign. The tools will also evolve. The most important thing is to have a coherent campaign strategy that incorporates whatever tools are around today.

Lesson 3: React quickly

When you launch a campaign you’re beginning a conversation. The minute your campaign is launched, you’ll start to get feedback. Respond to it according to the overall message of your campaign.

About Chris Noble
Chris is the CEO of Causemedia Group, which includes What Gives?! and StudioGood.  Causemedia Group has run over 600 campaigns and raised more than $25 million for charity by bringing brands, celebrities, and nonprofits together with social media.  His goal is to make it easier for non-profits to raise money.   Say ‘Hi’ to Chris on Twitter (@cfnoble) or hear him speak on cause marketing and social media at the Cause Marketing Forum in Chicago this June.


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