Carrot vs. Stick

Teddy Roosevelt advised talking softly and carrying a big stick. Carrotmob believes there are enough sticks, and urges individuals to pick up carrots–from responsible purveyors.

Carrotmob is still crystallizing, but here’s the premise: Improve the world by helping businesses make environmentally conscious choices through a system of rewards. Too frequently companies earn profit my making choices that are socially or environmentally pernicious. Boycotts, petitions and bad press do little to fix the fundamentals of this predicament. Enough with the sticks, our economy is due for some carrots.

Enter Carrotmob. The nonprofit is assembling a massive network of consumers willing to buy from responsible suppliers. With enough consumers in the network, Carrotmob can challenge companies to eliminate harmful ingredients from their products to reduce their carbon footprints. Businesses that comply receive the purchase power of the mob and potentially millions of dollars in sales.

The responsible business decision becomes the most profitable.

There’s additional nuance to Carrotmob and an account of an initial, successful event. Read more or watch the video.


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