CSR Pros Propose New Models at Communitelligence Virtual Conference

Like champions of micro-finance, Communitelligence, a member-based organization aimed at improving communication, believes that all of us are more effective than one of us. To suss out what has been successful and what hasn’t as companies increasingly practice good social behavior, Communitelligence is organizing a virtual conference November 5 and 9. ‘The New Models of Social Responsibility’ brings industry rock stars Jeffrey Swartz of Timberland, Ray Anderson of Interface, Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation and author Will Marré, among others.

Communitelligence“More than ever, organizations need to collaborate to identify and create new models in social responsibility to keep pace with change, share best practices and plan for the future,” says CommunIielligence president John Gerstner. The conference aims to provoke collaboration and systems among nonprofit, government, corporate and educational organizations.

As the conference is split into two half-days and can be accessed online, there’s scarcely a reason to miss it. I’ll be tweeting and blogging interviews with speakers. Communitelligence has complete information on speakers, attendees and pricing.


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