Foolish Social Responsibility Is The Best Kind

Put aside social responsibility.  Forget about best practices or which term best describes what you do.

Much of what I write is tactics, examples and inspiration to help you create and grow your business.  But there’s no edict for social responsibility.  That’s the rad (and at times frustrating) element. It’s a comparatively new idea that’s evolving. And always will. You’re business will never be legitimately sustainable.

So shucking aside unattainable perfection, what can you do that’s fun?  That personally reflects what you care about? Don’t let me pigeon-hole you into creating a business that looks one way and employs a rote checklist of ‘best practices.’

Better World Books gave its nonprofit partners an equity stake in the company and King Arthur Flour is completely owned by its employees.  The people who work at Elemental Herbs love outdoor activities, so they created a team of activist athletes.  None of this is from the Social Responsibility Playbook. Each is unique to the company, a demonstration of what its leaders and employees care about.

Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm said “Sustainability thrives when you open your mind to doing things that are considered taboo or foolish in business.”  How foolish are you willing to be?

Note: I’ll continue to write about ‘best practices’ and tactics because I think they have merit, but they’re redefinable–by you.

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