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How to Leverage Your Advisory Board (Because Their Name Isn’t All They Can Offer)

You have your board.  Now what? I wrote before about when and how to assemble your advisory board.  If you already have an advisory board though, what can you realistically expect from the people who comprise it and how do you best leverage their skills and commitment? The first part–what you can realistically expect from […]

Own Your Mission

Advisors are people who invest in your business because they see value in what you’re doing. Instead of investing with money, they’re doing it through their time, guidance and networks. Show them the value. You’re not creating another company. You’re creating a mission that people find exciting and inspiring. There will be times when you […]

Are You Making This Mistake? You Have a Company, Now You Want an Advisory Board

Find your Yodas before you build your company. That’s the piece of advice that entrepreneurs offer about advisory boards that surprises me the most.  To find your Yodas, you need to be clear about who you’re looking for and how they will further your vision, and you need to meet them where they are. While […]