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Air Miles for Volunteering: Oxymoronic? Cause-washing? Genius!

In my view American Express should get a handshake for its new initiative, but many think a slap on the wrist is more deserving.  American Express is offering 500 points to members of its rewards program for every hour they volunteer. The program is capped at 10,000 points or 20 hours per year and volunteers must choose […]

One Entrepreneur’s Story of Building a Business for a Better World–With Joe Magee

PineMark is to you and me what LEED is to buildings: a certification of sustainability. PineMark founders Joe Magee and Lauren de los Santos are incentivizing and rewarding individuals for their green lifestyles and educating them along the way. I spoke with Joe, who shares a commonality with many entrepreneurs. He left his comfortable seat […]

RecycleBank’s Secret Weapon to Get People Recycling

I spoke with Ron Gonen, co-founder and CEO of RecycleBank, to learn how he built one of the largest public-private partnerships that creates incentives for social good. RecycleBank is a reward program that motivates people to recycle by measuring the amount of material each home recycles and then converting that activity into RecycleBank points that […]