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How Vittana Is Using Micro-lending To Help Students Triple Their Earning Power–with Kushal Chakrabarti

Click the player to listen to our conversation. Prefer MP3? Right-click and download. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] After he left Amazon (“one of the hardest, scariest and best decisions” he’s made in his life) Kushal Chakrabarti knew he would start a company.  He’d done well at Amazon, helping to improve its product […]

How will what you want me to do change my life?

Are you letting me know why I should make a donation, sign a petition, cast a vote or buy what you’re selling?  It’s an obvious statement, but one that’s not always executed on, despite perception. Kiva.org has faciliated more than $100 million in loans in a few short years. Really outstanding, except it could be […]

Are You Leaking Impact By Missing What’s In front of You?

Are you missing the information in front of you? It’s difficult to see the flaws or weaknesses in products or landing pages that we look at every day.  It’s the curse of knowledge tag-teaming us with the curse of familiarity.  But if we don’t unglue ourselves from our expectations and think critically and creatively, it […]