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If Businesses Can’t BOGO and NGOs Are Crushing Entrepreneurship, Where Does That Leave Us?

If you caught my poll earlier this week asking what areas you find meaningful in the cosmos of business and social responsibility, you know that I’ve been thinking hard about how to make the biggest impact.  On one hand, there’s the CSR approach, which I’ll generalize as reaching more people but having less direct impact […]

“Disruptive Philanthropy”–From the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit

By Lee Fox for Cause Capitalism. Philanthropy is characterized by specific behaviors in the context of compassion (the love of humanity), action (volunteerism), donation (the gift of money) and collaboration (partnerships).  Successful social enterprises require each of these elements to healthfully co-exist. Of course, all it takes is the pinch of a bad economy to throw […]

Can Corporations Replace Philanthropies?

Will philanthropy be displaced by business? Marc Benioff, of Salesforce.com and Compassionate Capitalism, wrote a great piece on how to bridge the disconnect between corporate profits and cause.  He argues that socially responsibly initiatives are created in isolation from the corporate mission. An ‘integrated corporation’ creates value in its local community or global network as […]