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Want Consumers’ Attention? Ditch the CSR Report

Lots of companies are attracted to sustainability and decide to commit to it. ¬†Fewer see the value of certifying their sustainability commitment with a CSR report. But fewer still fail to signal the fruits of their labor (and reporting) to their consumers. The contents of a CSR report almost never reach consumers’ eyes because they’re […]

10 Take-aways from Sustainable Brands

Working with the concept of large-scale applicability, here are the top 10 things I learned at the Sustainable Brands conference earlier this month in Monterey: 1. Consumers trust brands more than they trust the government. (Annie Longsworth, Managing Director, Cohn & Wolfe) Republicans and Democrats meet at the checkout. Brands have a colossal toolkit to […]

5 Ways to Create a Socially Responsible & Profitable Company

Recently, I had the opportunity to proselytize socially beneficial business models to a crowd of upstart entrepreneurs with varying levels of interest in social responsibility. I spoke with upstart entrepreneurs about five ways they can incorporate cause into their business, regardless of its size. Although the methods range in their levels of commitment and implementation […]

Reward Yourself (and Your Business will Profit)

Make it into a contest or promised prize. Everybody loves a goal. Companies know this as incentivizing, employees as a performance-based financial reward, and Burt’s Bees as the only way of doing business.¬† Burt’s Bees, a manufacturer of natural beauty products, believes that if companies are socially responsible, they will attract profit. Burt’s Bees gets […]