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Avoid a Sustainability Flop By Ditching ‘Buy-In’

Sustainability need to be championed from the top level, but employees also need to care about it or any efforts will quickly flop. Employee (or community or consumer) buy-in happens when you’re brought-in. It’s not about positioning your strategy, it’s about involving people in it.  Here’s how three different companies, eBay, GoLite and ConAgra, use their employees […]

Start with $10K, Grow the Pie, Sell to eBay–with Siddharth Sanghvi

The last part of this post’s title should be Provide Women with Access to Capital.  This is the success story of a social enterprise created from a market opportunity, which proved its mettle by serving artisans in developing countries and attracting American companies like Disney, Hallmark, Whole Foods, and ultimately eBay.  Last week World of […]

How Shopping Could Help to Save the Planet – With eBay’s Amy Skoczlas Cole

Fresh off her talk at the New Models of Social Responsibility summit, Amy Skoczlas Cole, director of The eBay Green Team, took some time to answer my questions about creating a replicable program, optimizing employee engagement and saving the planet through shopping. As the director of The eBay Green Team, Amy works to engage eBay’s […]