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Has KaBOOM! Drunk The Kool-Aid?

When I first heard about KaBOOM!’s partnership with Kool-Aid, I thought unequivocally that the nonprofit had swallowed the sugary, Red No. 40-punch.  Kool-Aid’s pledged to help KaBOOM! build 24 playgrounds and provide funding for 20 more. In a campaign aimed at promoting “healthy, active lifestyles for kids,” why is KaBOOM! partnering with an historic obesity […]

Air Miles for Volunteering: Oxymoronic? Cause-washing? Genius!

In my view American Express should get a handshake for its new initiative, but many think a slap on the wrist is more deserving.  American Express is offering 500 points to members of its rewards program for every hour they volunteer. The program is capped at 10,000 points or 20 hours per year and volunteers must choose […]

Does Doing Good and Getting Paid For It Leave You Feeling Unethical?

I was reminded tonight of how new the idea of social enterprise really is. Maybe not for you, but take a step back. Not only do some investors or consumers question it, but so do some of us. I just got off the phone with a change agent who is trying to put the pieces […]