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Creating a Business-In-a-Box That Delivers Wages and Opportunity to Iraqi Women–with Ted Barber

A $22 candle from Prosperity Candle brings you more than light and a gentle rose coriander scent (if you choose).  It comes with the first name of the woman who made it and an identifying number that allows you to send her comments and feedback.  The woman who made your candle lives in Baghdad and […]

Start with $10K, Grow the Pie, Sell to eBay–with Siddharth Sanghvi

The last part of this post’s title should be Provide Women with Access to Capital.  This is the success story of a social enterprise created from a market opportunity, which proved its mettle by serving artisans in developing countries and attracting American companies like Disney, Hallmark, Whole Foods, and ultimately eBay.  Last week World of […]

10 Take-aways from Sustainable Brands

Working with the concept of large-scale applicability, here are the top 10 things I learned at the Sustainable Brands conference earlier this month in Monterey: 1. Consumers trust brands more than they trust the government. (Annie Longsworth, Managing Director, Cohn & Wolfe) Republicans and Democrats meet at the checkout. Brands have a colossal toolkit to […]