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Evolving the Supply Chain: From Slave Labor to Personal Transformation

. “What would you say to companies that see improving even one piece of their supply chains as too expensive?” I asked. Joe Sibilia hadĀ just shared one method to help companies become more sustainable: take one ingredient in the supply chain and use it to create a social benefit. This is what he had done […]

3 Steps to Sustainable Change: Arzu Rugs Has it Right

I learned from my year in the Marshall Islands that paying market wages to artisans in developing countries, although a fundamental of economic justice, is only a partial solution to fostering true local economic growth. The Marshall Islands, like so many countries, is caught between a western monetary economy and its original self-sustaining system of […]

Voluntary Pricing Generates Change & Profits

UPDATE: I’ll be interviewing Denise Cerreta on Monday. Check back next week to hear about her experiences with One World Cafe. There are no prices or fixed menus at One World Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah. Customers choose their portion sizes and pay what they deem fit. The “community kitchen” is One World Cafe’s […]

‘Ethletics’ are Shoes with Ethics

I might as well rename this site “Socially Conscious Shoes,” given that this is my second post on footwear in as many days. But this product is good, so here I go. On the hunt for shoes that are fair trade? Eco-friendly? 100% vegan? Produced sweat-shop free? Autonomie Project specializes in Chucks-like sneakers thatĀ  are […]