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‘Love needs to come out of the closet’: 10 Takeaways from the Conscious Capitalism Conference

With support from Axialent and the Conscious Capitalism Institute, I attended the Conscious Capitalism Conference last month. For two days, I immersed myself in learning and in true, unabashed conversations on topics I had felt, but hadn’t yet developed the vocabulary for or a real awareness of. The teachers ranged from CEOs of publicly traded […]

The Private Side of Sustainability Is Sexy Too: Engaging CEOs in More Than Just Sustainable Window Dressing

There seems to be a problem.  An influential group of global CEOs list brand, trust and reputation as their “primary considerations for acting on sustainability.”  Motivators like revenue growth and cost reduction, consumer demand, employee engagement and retention and personal motivation lagged significantly behind. Many CEOs seem to have reversed cause and effect. Brand trust […]

Is This What It Takes to Lead a Social Mission?

What does it mean to lead a company’s social mission?  Social mission is how I describe all of the elements that contribute to a business being socially and financially effective. It’s more than CSR because it’s ingrained into the organization’s business model in the best cases, and leaves a shine on all company functions and […]

How Shopping Could Help to Save the Planet – With eBay’s Amy Skoczlas Cole

Fresh off her talk at the New Models of Social Responsibility summit, Amy Skoczlas Cole, director of The eBay Green Team, took some time to answer my questions about creating a replicable program, optimizing employee engagement and saving the planet through shopping. As the director of The eBay Green Team, Amy works to engage eBay’s […]

Do This If You Want to Be a Better Leader

To increase your leadership clout, put down your 360° feedback report and be socially responsible. There is a distinct link between being perceived as a good manager or leader and practicing social responsibility. Sirota Survey Intelligence asked 1.6 million employees from more than 70 organizations about senior management’s integrity, empathy and effectiveness and found a […]