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Poverty Alleviation at a Rate of 7: The Unitus Model

. . .. Microfinance hit hockey stick growth in the past few years in large part because: Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace prize in 2006 for providing credit to the poor with Grameen Bank; Kiva created a participatory platform that engaged Americans in micro-lending and financed $100 million worth of loans; and It’s mighty […]

Finance the World with Kiva

There’s a solid chance that readers here are familiar with Kiva. But just last week I realized a friend of mine who is hip to causes hadn’t received the proverbial memo. Kiva is the first person-to-person micro-lending website. The organization allows everyday Joes and Janes to lend to a specific entrepreneur in the developing world, […]

Grameen America

Grameen Bank, the institution that launched social enterprise as we know it, is augmenting its American programs with operations in Los Angeles. The first American division opened in Queens, New York this spring. Isabel Maxwell heads the Los Angeles office. Grameen America, Like Grameen Bank, is a microcredit lender, providing poor individuals–primarily women–small loans that […]