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Do Gooding Isn’t a Substitute for Marketing: 3 Low-buck Tactics to Get You On Your Way

This point is often overlooked.  Your do-gooding and good deeding aren’t a substitute for marketing.  Customers can’t love you for what you do if they don’t know you.  At this point you might be thinking: But Wait!  One of the benefits of a social mission is the visibility it brings to my company.  I’ve even […]

Start with $10K, Grow the Pie, Sell to eBay–with Siddharth Sanghvi

The last part of this post’s title should be Provide Women with Access to Capital.  This is the success story of a social enterprise created from a market opportunity, which proved its mettle by serving artisans in developing countries and attracting American companies like Disney, Hallmark, Whole Foods, and ultimately eBay.  Last week World of […]

What I Learned from Building iGiveTwice.com

For less than $300 dollars and in under two weeks I launched an awareness campaign, powered through Twitter, to encourage people to choose gifts that have a social or environmental benefit.  This is story of what what worked, what didn’t and why I set up virtual shop at iGiveTwice.com. Near the end of November I […]

You’re Shopping Anyway–How to Make Your Purchase Count 3 Times

What a difference 10% makes when it’s extracted from $460 billion.  The latter figure is what Americans spent on holiday shopping last year despite a rapidly eroding economy and forewarned doldrums ahead.  It’s been said before, but it’s worth another step to the soapbox:  What if we choose to buy only merchandise that has a social […]