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CSR Pros Propose New Models at Communitelligence Virtual Conference

Like champions of micro-finance, Communitelligence, a member-based organization aimed at improving communication, believes that all of us are more effective than one of us. To suss out what has been successful and what hasn’t as companies increasingly practice good social behavior, Communitelligence is organizing a virtual conference November 5 and 9. ‘The New Models of […]

10 Take-aways from Sustainable Brands

Working with the concept of large-scale applicability, here are the top 10 things I learned at the Sustainable Brands conference earlier this month in Monterey: 1. Consumers trust brands more than they trust the government. (Annie Longsworth, Managing Director, Cohn & Wolfe) Republicans and Democrats meet at the checkout. Brands have a colossal toolkit to […]

What Stage of the Game are You?

I partnered with to bring together a small group of entrepreneurs involved in the next generation of social consciousness and wellness. Guests ranged from veterans of the cause capitalism movement like TOMS Shoes, to sole proprietors exploring ways to integrate cause with their product. I’m continually looking for individuals, companies and groups that practice, […]

TOMS Shoes Can Draw a Crowd

A good cause – and party – is hard to ignore. I am glowing after meeting so many innovative and socially compassionate people at last night’s fundraiser for Friends of TOMS, the action and fundraising arm for TOMS Shoes. We packed the Buffalo Club with a dynamic crowd of do-gooders and fashionistas. TechZulu was on […]

This Technology Trade Association Sees the Value in Cause Capitalism

As a kick-off to its thematic exploration of Corporate Social Responsibility this year, the Los Angeles AeA Council put together an insightful conference on how going green impacts the bottom line. I attended last week’s event and heard panelists speak about the triple-bottom line from their respective corporate, nonprofit and policy perspectives. If you’re reading […]

Handshaking Over Organic Wine

I’m always looking to connect with like-minded socially conscious people, and while blogs and forums are great for this, sometimes you just can’t beat old-fashioned handshaking. I had a great opportunity to engage in-person the other night at an event for professionals with social and environmental business practices put on by Green Business Networking. Here’s […]

What Can Cause Capitalists Learn from the Green Movement?

I want to shift the focus a bit to “greening” a company. I’m attending a conference next week on how going green affects the bottom line because I feel that environmental awareness in business and consumerism is just ahead of the curve of cause capitalism. What can we learn from the green movement? What practices […]