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Vote4GoodBusiness: Creating More Companies That Get The Value of Sustainability

There are some myths about social responsibility and business that I need to dispel.  There’s too much potential innovation, human fulfillment, environmental and social degradation and dollars at stake to let them linger. You–reader of this blog and likely social entrepreneur–can spot their untruths. But what about the millions of business in the United States that […]

Stay Out Of The Hallway and Other Tips From a Serial Conference-goer

We’ve heard from entrepreneurs before on this blog about the importance of building a network that can support and guide your social enterprise. While he was developing Energy Inside, Veer Gidwaney “networked pretty aggressively over a couple of years,” and Teju Ravilochan who co-founded the Unreasonable Institute “went to where the action was.” Conferences can […]

Pamela Hawley On Founding UniversalGiving and Why She Helps Companies Have a Cause–video

In this video, shot by Lee Fox at the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit, Pamela Hawley, founder and CEO of UniversalGiving, talks about the experience that set her on her path at age twelve and how social responsibility can specifically benefit a company. Pamela Hawley founded UniversalGiving as a nonprofit social enterprise to match donors and volunteers with […]

The Bright Spots–From the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit

By Lee Fox for Cause Capitalism. I sit in a room filled with a SEA of bright minds, who just like me, aspire to change the world for the better one way or another.  Over 700 of us are gathered at the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit & World Forum to hear Chip Heath, author and professor at Stanford Graduate School of […]

“Disruptive Philanthropy”–From the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit

By Lee Fox for Cause Capitalism. Philanthropy is characterized by specific behaviors in the context of compassion (the love of humanity), action (volunteerism), donation (the gift of money) and collaboration (partnerships).  Successful social enterprises require each of these elements to healthfully co-exist. Of course, all it takes is the pinch of a bad economy to throw […]

Catalyzing the Field of the Social Enterprise: From the Social Enterprise Summit

I asked Lee Fox to share ideas and conversations from this week’s Social Enterprise Summit.  We’ll post additional blogs video interviews next week with social entrepreneurs from Chemists Without Borders, Universal Giving and Donors Choose.  If you’re at the conference say, ‘hi’ to Lee and ask her about her social venture, KooDooZ. The Social Enterprise […]

7 Steps to Building Partnerships From the People Who Are Ending Hunger

If you truly want your company to have a great impact, you can’t go it alone. You need to have partners. But what type and how? Scott Henderson and his colleagues Anne Bertelsen and Brian Reich seem to be wizards at creating partnerships and drawing out the best from each party. Together, they launched, a year-long campaign […]

Good Business Events

I added a calendar of events in social enterprise, sustainability and microfinance that can help your social mission. If you know of an event that should be listed, email it to me. So far, the listings are physical events because I generally think they hold themselves to a higher standard than online events. Want to prove […]

Be Unreasonable, Change the World, Enroll Now–with The Unreasonable Institute’s Teju Ravilochan

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable persists in adapting the world to himself.  Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. –George Bernard Shaw . After talking with social entrepreneurs about the challenges they faced in building their businesses, I invited Teju Ravilochan to Cause Capitalism to share his vision for […]

Tweetsgiving in 6 Days: How I Came to Know Buenos Aires (& Myself) Better

I’m taking a pause from writings on consumer trends, interviews and ‘you shoulds’ to reflect on the Tweetsgiving event I’m hosting tonight in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to Buenos Aires 25 days ago. Six days ago Epic Change and Tweetsgiving champion Stacey Monk asked if I would host an event  here and I agreed. Tweetsgiving is […]