Vote4GoodBusiness: Creating More Companies That Get The Value of Sustainability

There are some myths about social responsibility and business that I need to dispel.  There’s too much potential innovation, human fulfillment, environmental and social degradation and dollars at stake to let them linger.

You–reader of this blog and likely social entrepreneur–can spot their untruths. But what about the millions of business in the United States that can’t?

  • That think social responsbility is just a moral argument and not a profitable business strategy?
  • That label it a marketing trend?
  • That think it’s just for the robber-barons out there?
  • Or that are intrigued, but think social responsibility costs money?

Can you help me reach them? It’s quick and painless and I’ve signed up to do the heavy lifting. I’ve proposed a panel, Your Business + Social Mission = Happiness + Ka-Ching, at South By Southwest Interactive in Austin next March.  Whether my panel is selected and my message reaches these businesses depends in part on audience votes, like yours.

Here’s what attendees will learn:

  1. Specifically how their company will gain a competitive advantage by having a social mission
  2. What type of social mission is right for their business’ size and product
  3. What the best programs to start with are
  4. How they get buy-in from management or co-founders
  5. How to be socially responsible without a budget

If you think these are important questions to help businesses answer, please take 30 seconds to vote for the panel before Friday, August 27. If you have time to spare, why not leave a comment and tweet it?  Here’s a handy link:

*I wanted to bypass the “I hate to ask…and down with these voting mechanisms, but can you help…” in the body of this post, but it’s true. I don’t take my request or your support lightly.  I hope I haven’t spooked you.  And thanks.

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  1. Andrew Warner August 25, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

    Not spooked. Glad you asked.