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Use Community to Build Your Social Enterprise (Why Stealth Mode is For Suckers)

Arm yourself.  Surrounding yourself with other social entrepreneurs is the next best thing to learning-from-doing.  A community of people with similar goals adds to your knowledge bank, provides feedback, offers shortcuts, referrals and product discounts, and pushes you forward. When Jill wanted to implement an IRA program for the employees who ran her coffee shop, […]

Should Your Business Use an e-Commerce Philanthropy Platform? What You Can Gain and What to Be Wary Of

Yesterday I wrote about some of the ways that small startups with limited resources can create a social mission.  Today, I came across a tool that makes it easy for your company to try out a buy-one-give-one model called B1G1. Traditionally, buy-one-give-one refers to like products. TOMS Shoes and Sunnight Solar are great examples. Every […]

PowerBars for the Mind: 14 Sites I Read on Good Business & Smart Thinking

Here are the blogs and sites I read (about half of them I read or skim daily) for sustainable business news and perspectives on good business, marketing and blogging. I like to sign up for a daily or weekly email feed so I can skim headlines and ideas without having to remember to visit the […]

Foursquare and CauseWorld Lead to Better Cause Marketing–with Joe Waters

It’s a no-brainer to decide to run a cause marketing program. There’s ample evidence that (1) consumers choose products aligned with a cause, (2) employees and brand benefit from socially driven programs and (3) causes can use the help. But there are important considerations when deciding what type of program best suites your business, how […]

How Doing Good and Belly Fat Ads Relate–with Faisal Sethi

Doing nothing changes everything. It’s a bit hyperbolic admits Faisal Sethi, but it gets people thinking about how they can leverage their regular actions and routines for good. Sethi is the co-founder of DoGood Headquarters, a new startup out of Ottawa. DoGood Headquarters is virtual factory of online solutions that have a social impact in […]

Are You Exercising Your Secret Weapon On Twitter?

Today, it’s a near death knell for companies to pass up Twitter, and cause capitalism companies hold an advantage in that their customers, by virtue of wanting to seem virtuous, will tweet about them. I recently coached a masterful company on its social media presence. While the company makes headlines with its innovations in sustainability, […]

GoodGuide: Rewarding Companies and Informing Consumers at Point of Sale

Lead, carcinogens, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, diglycerides, formaldehyde, imidazolidinyl and a slew of other largely unpronounceable ingredients are mainstays in our food and beauty products and assailants on our health. A new iPhone app and its web version are helping consumers make informed purchases at the point of sale. GoodGuide gives consumers access to product […]

GoodSearch: “You search, we give”

I wasn’t planning this post. I was in the middle of another task when I glanced up at my Good Search search bar. Is Good Search blog-worthy, I wondered? Doesn’t everyone already know about it? Maybe so. I knew about Good Search for awhile but simple forgetfulness kept me away. So I installed a search […]