Find Your Super-consumers and Build For Them

We’re in an era of the super-consumer. Consumers are attuned to the companies and supply chains behind the items they buy. While today’s consumers stil boycott, they buycott more. I love Amazon but spend my dollars with Better World Books when I have the option. I’m not boycotting Amazon, I’m buycotting Better World Books. As our consumption grows (which nationally it is), we look to exercise our beliefs and values in what we buy and from what companies we buy it.

This is good news for socially driven businesses. Find your spot where market forces meet consumer values and start building.

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  1. Bradley Short February 27, 2011 at 3:54 pm #

    Yes! Consumer values and ideals are becoming even more important for businesses to consider as “super-consumers” are becoming even more mainstream.

    Do you have any ideas of how businesses can speed up the progression and turn a normal consumer to an informed, super-consumer? Is there something that companies can do to encourage this progression? Or can it only happen naturally, spurred on by things like news sources and conventional activists?

    Companies that have aligned themselves with social causes don’t only have a moral imperative to have more informed customers, but now they have a financial incentive to do so as well.