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Conscious Capitalism Conference: Life Altering? It Was for Me

I flew up to Boston for the Conscious Capitalism® Conference last year out of curiosity, not with the expectation that two days of speakers and conference hobnobbing would shift my work and life. But it did. It offered up a community, framework, and lexicon that were both inherently natural and alluringly new. This year’s conference, […]

Paid To Quit, Allowed To Surf: 5 Ways to Empower Employees

Employees are the crux of your company.  Successful leaders have known this for years. Take away my people and leave the factories, and soon there will be grass growing on the factory floors, but take away my factories and leave my people, and soon we will have bigger and better factories.  –Andrew Carnegie When you enfranchise your […]

Why Your Mission Should Alienate Some People

When you stand for something, you’re not supposed to please everyone. The misstep of trying to please everybody comes when we don’t stand for something, when we lack an internal drumbeat stronger than the chatter of the crowd.  Most people know that the clothing company Patagonia* gives money to myriad environmental organizations. Fewer people know […]

3 Things REI Should Do to Turn Its Social Programs Into a Social Mission

Dear REI, Your products are good, but you are missing a bit of edge. With you, I’m getting a durable jacket. With Patagonia, I’m getting a durable jacket and helping to save the planet. That’s how Patagonia makes me feel about their products. Pretty powerful, right?   The thing is, you are doing good work […]

Patagonia Didn’t Wait Until the Planet Was Fixed Before Investing in its Employees. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Either.

Part of running a business with a social mission means you work with a set of stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, investors and community) versus with shareholders. We are used to evaluating our social mission in terms of the benefits it allays to a cause, consumers or revenue. Often, employee perks are mid-ranked priorities (at best) […]

Market with Manure & Buy High: What I learned from Stonyfield Farm’s Founder

Gary Hirshberg, CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farms is a self-described “passionate capitalist” who has created millions of dollars of capital for investors and measures progress in numbers and assets. Like Hirshberg, I believe that business is the most powerful force today to bring about social change. After listening to a podcasted conversation between Hirshberg and Clif […]