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How Getting Serious About Sustainability Brought GoLite Serious Growth–with Kim Coupounas

Click the player to listen to the interview or right-click and save for the MP3. Get the Mp3 Player Widget widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info) Kim Coupounas ran a conscious company.  GoLite gave money to the community and recycled. Its employees biked to work, served on […]

Are You Making This Mistake? You Have a Company, Now You Want an Advisory Board

Find your Yodas before you build your company. That’s the piece of advice that entrepreneurs offer about advisory boards that surprises me the most.  To find your Yodas, you need to be clear about who you’re looking for and how they will further your vision, and you need to meet them where they are. While […]

Avoid a Sustainability Flop By Ditching ‘Buy-In’

Sustainability need to be championed from the top level, but employees also need to care about it or any efforts will quickly flop. Employee (or community or consumer) buy-in happens when you’re brought-in. It’s not about positioning your strategy, it’s about involving people in it.  Here’s how three different companies, eBay, GoLite and ConAgra, use their employees […]

Turning Wine Into Water: A New Online Retailer With a Purpose–With Ryan Bettencourt

Click the player to listen to the interview or right-click and save for the MP3. Get the Mp3 Player Widget widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info) Like this interview?  You can thank Ryan on Twitter like this. I do a lot of name calling here: for-profit, nonprofit, […]

Foolish Social Responsibility Is The Best Kind

Put aside social responsibility.  Forget about best practices or which term best describes what you do. Much of what I write is tactics, examples and inspiration to help you create and grow your business.  But there’s no edict for social responsibility.  That’s the rad (and at times frustrating) element. It’s a comparatively new idea that’s […]

On the Drawing Board: How to Build a Purpose-driven Business

I’m creating a guide to starting a purpose-driven business.  This guide is aimed at you, the entrepreneur or small business owner.  You can help shape it by: Sharing what worked for you and other suggestions you have to entrepreneurs in the early phases of company building.  I can feature you by name or anonymously.  Email […]

Should Your Business Use an e-Commerce Philanthropy Platform? What You Can Gain and What to Be Wary Of

Yesterday I wrote about some of the ways that small startups with limited resources can create a social mission.  Today, I came across a tool that makes it easy for your company to try out a buy-one-give-one model called B1G1. Traditionally, buy-one-give-one refers to like products. TOMS Shoes and Sunnight Solar are great examples. Every […]

What Your Startup Brings to the Table: A Social Mission With Few Resources

If you’re running a small startup, you’re tight on resources and hungry for any competitive advantage you can find–a broader audience, high-quality employees, brand differentiation, media attention and evangelizing customers.  I won’t spend time telling you that social mission programs like cause marketing and employee volunteer programs can yield all this.  That you know. But did […]

The Fundamentals of Building An Employee Volunteer Program

As companies, we spend a lot of time trying to attract the best employees, make them happy, increase productivity, create a corporate culture and positively present our selves to the community. As a socially driven business, we also spend the time and resources to develop practices that advance the mission we stand for. Chris Jarvis […]

Better Employees, Finances and Image: Why and How to Create A Corporate Volunteer Program–With Chris Jarvis

Click the player to listen to the interview or right-click and save for the MP3. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Like this interview?  You can thank Chris on Twitter like this. With a poke in the chest, Chris Jarvis was asked a question on a street corner that stripped away what he knew […]