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How Catchafire Is Changing the Way You Volunteer–with Rachael Chong

Click the player to listen to our conversation or right-click and save for the MP3. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Rachael Chong thought it was inevitable that someone would create a platform that matched professionals to skills-based volunteer opportunities. ¬†As an investment banker, she realized there were better better ways for her to […]

5 Ways to Create a Socially Responsible & Profitable Company

Recently, I had the opportunity to proselytize socially beneficial business models to a crowd of upstart entrepreneurs with varying levels of interest in social responsibility. I spoke with upstart entrepreneurs about five ways they can incorporate cause into their business, regardless of its size. Although the methods range in their levels of commitment and implementation […]

My RockCorps Experience

I’ve written before about the Boost Mobile RockCorps (BMRC) program: volunteer for four hours on a project led by a local nonprofit and earn tickets to an exclusive, A-list concert. Two days ago, I drove to Hollywood for my four hours of work. I chose My Friend’s Place, a drop-in center for homeless youth in […]

Upcoming Interview with RockCorps Founder

I’ll be speaking with RockCorps Founder Stephen Greene on Monday. RockCorps produces concerts for which the only way in is to volunteer for 4 hours with one of their nonprofit partners. I wrote about their nationwide collaboration with Boost Mobile here. Ping me by Monday, 12 pm PST to submit a question. olivia(at)causecapitalism.com. You can’t […]

Boost Mobile Cultivates a Generation of Activists

I think Boost Mobile’s approach to social change is ingenious, evidencing that vehicles of change come in infinite models and need not mandate product matches or the banality of donating 5% of revenue. Boost Mobile partnered with RockCorps to give teenagers (Boost’s target consumer) concert tickets in exchange for volunteering in their neighborhoods at large. […]