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How Timberland Engages Diversified Stakeholders–with Beth Holzman

Click the player to listen to our conversation. Prefer MP3? [Audio clip: view full post to listen] With a deep background in sustainability and corporate accountability, Beth Holzman brings an appreciation for impact evaluation and stakeholder involvement to Timberland as the company’s CSR Strategy and Reporting Manager.  I invited Beth to Cause Capitalism to talk about […]

A New Shade of Cause Marketing: Reward Donors (and Convert Them To Consumers)

Imagine frequenting your local coffee or sandwich joint and receiving said item on your tenth visit. Imagine being rewarded with a free trip from Boulder to Boston after choosing Continental for 100,000 air miles worth of travel. Easy, these customer loyalty programs have been around for a while, working seemingly well for both high-margin and […]

The Story Behind Changents: A Restaurant Encounter & Cold Emails–with Deron Triff

On his last day of work with Scholastic Entertainment Deron Triff goes to lunch with some colleagues. In the restaurant is a man showing pictures on his Mac of his work with Mercy Ships to provide healthcare to the chronically poor. The man is Scott Harrison who goes on to start charity: water and serves […]

5 Ways to Create a Socially Responsible & Profitable Company

Recently, I had the opportunity to proselytize socially beneficial business models to a crowd of upstart entrepreneurs with varying levels of interest in social responsibility. I spoke with upstart entrepreneurs about five ways they can incorporate cause into their business, regardless of its size. Although the methods range in their levels of commitment and implementation […]

Can Corporations Replace Philanthropies?

Will philanthropy be displaced by business? Marc Benioff, of Salesforce.com and Compassionate Capitalism, wrote a great piece on how to bridge the disconnect between corporate profits and cause.  He argues that socially responsibly initiatives are created in isolation from the corporate mission. An ‘integrated corporation’ creates value in its local community or global network as […]

Timberland Attaches “Nutritional Label”

The Timberland Co.’s nutritional label, found on shoe and boot packaging, reports on the brand’s social and environmental impact. The label-displayed on 30 million shoe boxes a year-provides information on where the footwear was made, how much energy was consumed to produce it and how much renewable energy Timberland uses. Inside the boxes are inserts, […]