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‘Ethletics’ are Shoes with Ethics

I might as well rename this site “Socially Conscious Shoes,” given that this is my second post on footwear in as many days. But this product is good, so here I go. On the hunt for shoes that are fair trade? Eco-friendly? 100% vegan? Produced sweat-shop free? Autonomie Project specializes in Chucks-like sneakers that¬† are […]

Why Crocs are Worth a Second Look

No longer relegated to local niche companies, the Buy-One-Give-One (BOGO) practice has been adapted by a global retailer. Crocs, maker of the ubiquitous California shoe, has launched a BOGO program with a twist.¬† The campaign is called SolesUnited and this is how it works: donate any type of old Crocs and they’re ground up and […]

A Year’s Worth of Lunches? In the Bag!

It costs only 10 U.S. cents to buy a school lunch for a child in the developing world. The purchase of one FEED Bag ($59.95) will cover a child’s school meals for one year. Proceeds from the FEED Bag directly support the UN’s Food for Education activities, which use food aid to promote basic education […]

The BOGO Business

There’s a slow sprouting of Buy-One-Give-One businesses, where, for every product a consumer purchases, an identical product is donated to a person in need. We have Nick Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child, TOMS Shoes and, my latest discovery, the BOGO Light by SunNight Solar. The BOGO Light generates clean LED light from rechargeable solar-powered batteries. […]