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This Online Bake Sale Makes Cookies Even Sweeter by Donating 15% of Every Purchase

Author’s note: Baking for Good was recently featured as a gift that gives back on iGiveTwice, an awareness campaign I started to encourage people to choose gifts that have a social benefit. Ask Emily Dubner what her company, Baking for Good, is and she’ll explain how it’s an online gift giving site, online bakery and […]

Why Pangea Organics Founder Joshua Onysko Thinks ‘Sustainability’ is for Slackers

Right-click to download the audio. Joshua Onysko dropped out of high school at age 16, vagabonded from Hong Kong to the Yukon, made a batch of soap with his mother one afternoon as a curiosity and founded Pangea Organics, a leading manufacturer of organic, hand-crafted and cruelty-free skincare products in 2000 at aged 23. Nine […]

GoodGuide: Rewarding Companies and Informing Consumers at Point of Sale

Lead, carcinogens, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, diglycerides, formaldehyde, imidazolidinyl and a slew of other largely unpronounceable ingredients are mainstays in our food and beauty products and assailants on our health. A new iPhone app and its web version are helping consumers make informed purchases at the point of sale. GoodGuide gives consumers access to product […]

5 Ways to Create a Socially Responsible & Profitable Company

Recently, I had the opportunity to proselytize socially beneficial business models to a crowd of upstart entrepreneurs with varying levels of interest in social responsibility. I spoke with upstart entrepreneurs about five ways they can incorporate cause into their business, regardless of its size. Although the methods range in their levels of commitment and implementation […]

WeDrink’s New Type of Marketplace is No Ruse

Right click to download. Andrew Meredith and Daniel Ebner were frustrated by the global shortage of clean water and by the lack of transparency in their cause-related purchases–t-shirts or bottled water that advertised a charitable contribution without disclosing what that cut translates to in dollars and cents. From these two pain points, Meredith and Ebner […]

This Blog Helps Sell BOGO Lights for SunNight Solar

Go Green Solar founder Deep Patel is a solar energy aficionado, social-good actor and reader of this blog. Patel recently spoke about a plan he’s developing, which would bedeck the Hollywood sign with solar panels to capitalize on the sign’s solar energy real estate and drive energy back into Los Angeles’ grid-tie system. As I […]

Valentine’s Day Guide to Com(passionate) Giving

Please your Valentine and nurture the world with these sustainable, ethical, intentional and cruelty-free gift options. Fair Trade Wine. “Drink like you give a damn” says Etica, the United States’ top fair trade wine distributor. Etica’s producers in South Africa, Argentina and Chile are paid an honest wage for their work. Buying directly from local […]

3 Steps to Sustainable Change: Arzu Rugs Has it Right

I learned from my year in the Marshall Islands that paying market wages to artisans in developing countries, although a fundamental of economic justice, is only a partial solution to fostering true local economic growth. The Marshall Islands, like so many countries, is caught between a western monetary economy and its original self-sustaining system of […]

Glamour for Good

This makeup does more than blend and shimmer. Peacekeeper Cause-Metics donates all distributable profits to organizations dedicated to improving the lives of women around the globe. Profits from Peacekeeper products go directly to nonprofits advocating women’s health and human rights issues, including rape and infanticide, the sex slavery trade, and domestic violence. Additionally, the company […]

You Don’t Have to be a Big Company to Give Back

The NOW Project, a Los Angeles-based jewelry and apparel company, practices a different breed of “Buy-One-Give-One.” Through Yoga NOW, for every NOW jewelry product purchased, the company is donating one yoga class to an at-risk child. Initially, the founders had planned to give away 50% of profits to select causes. But rather than wait until […]