What’s Your Vote for the Best Socially Driven Companies?

With the blogs I read, the experts I interview and the networking groups I belong to, I figured I had a pretty accurate count of U.S. companies that are crushing it with their social mission.

But I don’t.  And I need your help.

Which companies or entrepreneurs do you know that we can learn from? Who have strengthened or differentiated their business by adding a social mission?

They can be small like CellarThief (a discovery last week) or GoLite, or titanic like Walmart or CVS; if you read my post on CVS, you know the company has a strong tradition of social responsibility that goes unnoticed.

I’ve been getting great suggestions from readers lately, which is encouraging me to push further.  These companies are on my short-list. Which ones interest you and which make you yawn?  Do you know anyone at the company whom I should contact directly? Are there specific aspects you want to know about?

Email me, tweet @OKL or leave it in the comments.  This is your opportunity to have me hustle to satisfy your curiosity.

–Clif Bar
–New Belgium Brewery
–Honest Tea
–Stonyfield Farm
–Joie de Vivre

How else can I help you? How can I make Cause Capitalism a better resource or playbook?

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  1. Bryan April 20, 2010 at 4:30 pm #

    Hi Olivia. I just sent you a tweet. Check out TOMS Shoes’ one for one program. I’m sure you’re familiar with them given their Argentina roots, but I think they’ve done a great job of blending a highly successful brand with a broader social mission.